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Our Story

In 2001, EVŌQ Nano Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer William Niedermeyer started a small laboratory to investigate nanoparticles and their properties. Early efforts were frustrated, however, by recurring problems with nanoparticle impurity, uneven size distribution, agglomeration into large clumps, low energy emission, and colloidal instability. Plus, purchasing diverse nanoparticles in bulk to conduct research was incredibly expensive.

Motivated to remedy these limitations, Niedermeyer engineered his own nanofabrication process using modified laser equipment and parts from the previous Star Wars program at Lawrences Livermore National Laboratory. To his amazement, this invention produced nanoparticles unlike any he had studied. They were uniformly sized, surfactant-free, with consistent spherical morphology, and no ion emissions under standard and stressed conditions – properties that represented a significant advancement in nanoscience with the potential to enable new applications.

In 2011, Niedermeyer and his team patented the unique laser-based nanofabrication process and the resulting “Niedermeyer Particle,” EVQ-218 – the first and only non-ionic silver nanoparticle.

Novel Mechanism of Action:

  • EVQ-218’s antimicrobial efficacy is rooted in its ability to disrupt bacteria’s metabolic processes.
  • By sequestering sulfur, EVQ-218 stops bacterial growth without compromising cell structures.
  • This disruption mitigates bacterial mutations and drug resistance.
  • In contrast, ionic silver nanoparticles drive resistance and toxicity risk by rupturing cell walls.

Starting with 3 initial patents, EVŌQ Nano has grown its intellectual portfolio to include 39 issued and 39 pending patents as of 2023.

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At EVŌQ, we transform individual epiphanies into shared discoveries. We feel a deep responsibility to harness and relentlessly pursue nanotechnology’s promising potential.

In all we do, we value people, safety, trust, integrity and collaboration. With genuine care, we esteem the unique contribution of each employee and honor our synergy with every solutions partner.

We push the boundaries of modern sciences. We see questions as collective opportunities to burst through barriers. With personal humility, reliability and scientific rigor, we engineer novel, marketable solutions to improve lives.

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