Welcome to the future of lead acid batteries.

A clean, reliable and affordable home battery storage system is within reach. EVŌQ Energy provides the solution for the next generation of energy storage systems.

Our exclusive, earth-friendly process allows us to affordably mass produce key nano elements through patented industrial laser manufacturing. Our technology increases energy density and reduces battery corrosion. That yields a reliable and longer battery life overall.

Other nanomaterials often stratify and fall out of a battery’s electrolyte, compromising performance as they create sediment build-up in the bottom of the casing. EVŌQ Energy nanoparticles remain in the solution by nano-geometric effect and create no sediment. Our nanoparticles result in a smaller grains of electro active species on anodes and cathodes, so the pores within that structure are more evenly distributed and consistent. Consistent pores provide a more uniform and consistent energy flow and continued cycling. Higher density energy means cold-cranking amps increase.

Other technologies.

EVŌQ Textile treatments eliminate odor, cool more quickly, and enhance UV protection. EVŌQ textiles require far less nanomaterial than other offerings and provide proven, durable antimicrobial protection with greater wicking for high quality, easy-care textiles.

EVŌQ Surface treatments protect from microbials and degradation. Our nanomaterial demonstrates proven antimicrobial efficacy against the world’s worst bugs. Moreover, metal surfaces treated with our nanoparticles resist corrosion and rust at the molecular level by evening polarities, preventing hydrogen propagation and resultant oxidation, and trapping protons at the metal’s surface.

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