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Imagine harnessing the unique properties that emerge at nanoscale dimensions to develop revolutionary medical devices and therapies. Our patented nanotechnology platform opens up a world of applications. But rapid innovation isn’t possible without rapid investment. We are seeking financial partners to realize the next generation of transformative nanotechnology.

Pivotal innovation requires purpose-driven partnerships.

This commitment is woven into our credo, which reads, in part:

“In all we do, we value people, safety, trust, integrity, and collaboration. With genuine care, we esteem the unique contribution of each employee and honor our synergy with every solutions partner.”


EVŌQ Nano seeks partners with a shared vision of disruptive innovation. Our current priority is seed investment in our biotechnology and medical device divisions. If your firm is seeking early pre-clinical opportunities to invest in a breakthrough nanoparticles platform, we want to be your partner.



    We strive to be the partner of choice in clean nanotechnology. Our nanomaterial has potential for global application in many sectors. If your company is serious about collaborative partnerships with cutting-edge science, let’s connect.



      Let EVŌQ Nano be your ally in scientifically sound, reliable, safe, and earth-friendly nanomaterial. We value trustworthy, collaborative, determined partners who seek synergy for their go-to-market solutions.



        Our EVŌQ Nano team provides nanoparticle characterization, instrumentation, efficacy definition, and production. We also provide testing and third-party validation to support regulatory compliance and marketable products.


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