Nano Changes Everything

The greatest discovery in a century that improves human lives and reduces mortality.

Our Story

EVŌQ Nano’s allotrope EVQ-218, its unique benefits, and production process were discovered and patented by the scientists at EVŌQ Nano. Over the last 10 years the Research and Development teams have scrutinized the nanoscale world using the finest state-of-the-art private and university hosted equipment to research how uniform, nonionic, highly stable antimicrobial nanoparticles – smaller than the width of a strand of human DNA – interact with bacteria and fungi.

EVŌQ Nano’s allotrope EVQ-218 has a novel Mechanism of Action (MOA) that sequesters sulfur in bacteria disrupting its metabolic process and preventing key components of a bacteria’s metabolism from functioning: halting growth and propagation, effectively killing the organism.

Existing antibiotics’ Mechanisms of Action (MOA) all result in the development of drug resistance. EVOQ Nano’s allotrope EVQ-218 impacts bacteria’s metabolic processes, killing bacteria, preventing colonization and most importantly does not cause drug resistance in bacteria. 

Nano changes everything.  With 39 patents awarded, 39 patents pending, 10 years of research and development applying nanoparticles in agriculture, rechargeable energy systems, textile and surface treatments, broad spectrum antimicrobial  therapeutics, pharmaceutical and medical devices, EVŌQ Nano is Limitless Discovery  with Revolutionary Results.

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