Our Team

We reverence discovery. We savor innovation. We honor other humans.

At EVŌQ Nano, our science team boasts broad core competencies, including:

  • Nanotechnology research, innovation, development
  • Laser design (photonics), mathematical modeling, research, integration
  • Physics, computational modeling, materials science, electron microscopy
  • Material design, metallurgical chemistry, experimental design, surface analysis research
  • Inorganic chemistry, reactive chemistry, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), spectroscopy, chromatography, formulation
  • Organic chemistry, microbiology, antimicrobial research, toxicology
  • EPA, FDA, GLP, GMP compliance
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Brent Linde
VP of Sales
Brian Bertha, MBA, J.D.
President & CEO
Rob Holmes
General Manager
Tate Isom
Project Manager
Dr. Bretni Kennon, PhD
Chief Science Officer
Megan Barter Zimmerman
Executive Administrator
Bill Niedermeyer
Chief Technology Officer
David Nilson, MBA
VP Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
Saeed Rezai
Managing Dir., EH&S & Facility Operations
Chris Sanderson
Operations Engineer
Caitlin Silva
Lab Assistant
Jami Zinie
QC Lab Technician


EVŌQ Nano’s team is comprised of caring, globally-minded disrupters, experts and pioneers. We reverence discovery. We savor innovation. We honor other humans. Does nanotech light your brain on fire? Are you all about LIMITLESS DISCOVERY™? Excited to build bridges to new partners and opportunities? Does your ideal workplace provide high respect, high candor, genuine care, and complete integrity? If so, EVOQ Nano is a great place to enhance your career and build a safer, better future—one that gives people hope and makes a real difference in real lives.

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