Our Technology

EVŌQ Nano’s materials are in a class by themselves.

Our particles.

EVŌQ Nano manufactures Eletrope®, a solution which is created when we fire high-powered lasers at ultra-pure mineral elements. This fundamentally alters their molecular bonds and produces nonionic, highly stable, ultra-microscopic particles that remain suspended in any aqueous solution.

Just 10mg of source mineral makes over 1.5 quadrillion (1,500,000,000,000,000) individual particles, all with a very consistent size and shape, which possess a total surface area of over 1000 square inches, larger than a 48” HDTV. More surface area divided among more particles means EVŌQ Nano makes a more effective, more efficient product.





EVŌQ Bio provides additional weapons in the world’s war against superbugs and protects the storehouse of last resort antimicrobials. Our antimicrobial therapeutic demonstrates efficacy against the worst of the world’s antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi, and early research indicates tremendous potential against viruses.

EVŌQ Textile treatments, currently marketed under the brand name FUZE, eliminate odor, cool more quickly, and enhance UV protection. FUZE requires far less nanomaterial than other offerings and provides proven, durable antimicrobial protection with greater wicking for faster drying, high quality, easy-care textiles.

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