EVŌQ Nano is a nanoscience company that engineers novel nanoparticles for the life science, materials science, and textile science industries.


EVŌQ Bio has developed a nanomedicine platform with demonstrated antimicrobial efficacy against the world’s worst superbugs.


EVŌQ MedTech offers a breakthrough nanotechnology platform that integrates antimicrobial capabilities into medical devices to defend against a broad spectrum of contaminants like bacteria and fungi.


FUZE Technologies is an antimicrobial solutions company serving the textile, hospitality, fitness, and workspace industries.

Our Technology

EVŌQ Nano is changing industry perceptions about nanomaterial. Other nanomaterial is inconsistent in size & shape, toxic, ineffective, unstable, and expensive in large quantities.

Our multi-patented, high-volume laser nanofabrication process creates nanoparticles that are uniformly sized, surfactant-free, with consistent spherical morphology, and no ion emissions under standard and stressed conditions – properties that represented a significant advancement in nanoscience with the potential to enable new applications.


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