EVŌQ Nano is a nanoscience company that engineers novel nanoparticles for the life science, materials science, and textile science industries.


Exploring unlimited possibilities.

We feel a deep responsibility to harness and relentlessly pursue our technology’s promising potential to achieve revolutionary results. Each day at EVŌQ Nano is an exciting invitation to explore unlimited possibilities, envision a healthier humanity, and turn potential into reality.

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Nano changes everything.

Everything we think about antimicrobial protection.  What we envision for antibacterial medical devices. Everything we know about pre-EVŌQ nanoparticles.   Everything we understand about disarming harmful bacteria and fungi. Nano changes everything.

How was this disruptive technology  discovered?

EVŌQ Nano is safe, clean, scalable innovation.

Located in the Rocky Mountains, our state-of-the-art 60,000 sqft Research and Development facility custom-engineers safe, clean, non-toxic nanomaterials. Our patented chemical-free, constant-flow production process allows us to scale a safe and earth-friendly product for a variety of applications.

EVŌQ Nano pushes the
boundaries of modern sciences.

We understand the unique quantum behavior of our unique technology—
research no one else is doing anywhere.

Our Technology

EVŌQ Nano is changing industry misperceptions about nanomaterial. Other nanomaterial is inconsistent in size & shape, toxic, ineffective, unstable—and expensive in large quantities.

EVŌQ Nano’s patented ATTOSTATTM laser method provides scalable solutions. We mass produce customized and earth-friendly nanoparticles, with proven potential in biotech, energy, textiles, additive manufacturing, agriculture, and more.


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